How To Become A Devops Engineer In 6 Months

This quote holds true in today’s world, whether it’s technical, medical, or any other. Similarly, developers and information technology experts must stay current. DevOps engineers, cloud developer, cloud architects, and so on are examples of experts.

For example, if you want to learn how to use Puppet or Chef for configuration management, you’ll need to learn Ruby. If you want to learn how to use Ansible for deployment and orchestration, you’ll need to learn Python. They should have the ability to deploy and automate secure cloud environments that support the high availability of business systems and data. If you’re using the native AWS services for your continuous delivery pipelines, you’ll need to be familiar with AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline.

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You Don’t Need a College Degree to Excel in Information Technology.

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Spacelift allows you to automate, audit, secure, and continuously deliver your infrastructure. It helps overcome common state management issues and adds several must-have features for infrastructure management. Though becoming a DevOps engineer takes persistence and passion, it’s not rocket science. Anyone with the drive can follow the DevOps career path, learn the necessary skills in five months, and get a DevOps job in one month. With the right skillset and job search strategy, you can be in your DevOps dream job very soon. DevOps is, by nature, an advanced position that requires highly skilled candidates.

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The more you show DevOps achievements in your history, with measurable details, the higher your chance of getting hired. Knowing how to become a DevOps cloud engineer is all about showing your projects and accomplishments. In fact, if you want to learn how to become a DevOps engineer exclusively on one platform, More than Certified has an entire curriculum of core DevOps classes.

  • Without a clear path of advancement to the position, IT shops must identify the right combination of DevOps engineer skills in hires or experienced employees.
  • And surprise surprise — some will even introduce you to their contacts.
  • Once the domain of traditional hosting providers and data centers, the cloud has taken over as the de-facto platform for deploying sites and software.
  • It helps overcome common state management issues and adds several must-have features for infrastructure management.

Unlike the past, now Ops can specify the stack once as a declarative configuration file and can deploy multiple times. Also, Deployment becomes fast and can occur instantly on every commit. There is various Infrastructure as Code tools commonly used by DevOps professionals such as Azure Resource Manager, Terraform, SaltStack, and many more. In DevOps there’s no “network team.” All network resources are software-defined. At a bare minimum, you’ll need a solid grasp on the OSI model, IPV4, subnetting, static and stateful firewalling, and DNS. Of course, no two jobs are the same, and the role and responsibilities of a devops engineer varies from company to company.

What Skills Should A Devops Engineer Have?

It is your responsibility to ensure everything plays nicely together during pre- and post-production stages. Every tool serves a purpose in the pipeline, so knowing how and when each contributes, as well as which dependencies to consider, is key to a flawless delivery chain. Let’s walk through the essential skills required of a quality DevOps engineer. How do you create an organization that is nimble, flexible and takes a fresh view of team structure? These are the keys to creating and maintaining a successful business that will last the test of time. This Senior DevOps Engineer job description template includes the list of most important Senior DevOps Engineer’s duties and responsibilities.

Devops Engineer skills

Trust is enabled by active and effective communication between team members creating positive vibes among team members. This, in turn, gets reflected on the quality of the deliverables and finishing off the work on time. Continuous deployment is the next step in automating the delivery pipeline of an application.

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One of the great things about DevOps is that it’s about what you can do, not what qualifications you have. Some of the best DevOps engineers in the field are self-taught, with little in the way of formal higher education. The biggest requirement is motivation and an interest in DevOps engineering. In DevOps, you’re not installing a server once and then logging in every now and then to perform a few admin tasks. You need to understand how to create highly customized Linux images from the ground up, both for VM and container use cases — unless you plan to become a Windows Server DevOps engineer. Document processes, systems, and workflows, and update existing processes.

Devops Engineer skills

Further, when appropriate tests are in their place then you can rest while knowing that each and every procedure is performing what it was transcribed to do. Of all stages from evolution to deployment, we can operate tests to make sure the whole system is integrated with new features. The main duty of a GCP DevOps Engineer is to quicken the procedure of providing the software to the customers. If the candidate does not have the ability to understand the infrastructure, it could prove somewhat tough to be the complete package of a GCP DevOps Engineer. Also, Being a GCP DevOps Engineer, you will be working in such an environment, so you are required to learn regarding Docker technology. This is the most important skill that you require to become a GCP DevOps Engineer.

The beauty of AWS and cloud development in general is that you only pay for what you use. You can set up an environment quickly, use it for what you need, then pull it down again. First of all, you’ll always need shell (e.g., bash) scripting skills, because this is the default for Linux and most tools. In order for you to automate workloads in a given cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), you need a firm grasp of their specific semantics.


Can you please walk me through your process when troubleshooting a web application that is currently DOWN. Please provide an example of a Linux instance, Kubernetes cluster, or a highly scalable monolith web app with EC2 and ECS. Good communication is a key skill for a DevOps seeing as they can be asked to work remotely.

For example, you can use Puppet or Chef to automate the provisioning of infrastructure, or you can use Ansible to automate the deployment of applications. However, software development has become a challenge for many organizations due to the DevOps skills gap. We know that hiring DevOps engineers can be complicated, however it’s not impossible.

Collaborative Management Skills

Because we believe teams should work the way they want, rather than the way vendors want. Yet it is not unheard of for an organization to have a separate automation expert or automation engineer role. This may be someone whose focus is to manage the CI/CD tooling or develop and maintain automated test suites. This is a DevOps expert who promotes and develops DevOps practices across the organization. The DevOps evangelist will typically have a strong technical background, but the focus of the role is on interpersonal communication and process improvement.

Devops Engineer skills

They should also know how to execute tests for an entire DevOps automation pipeline as well as how to integrate Jenkins with Selenium. Every DevOps engineer should possess automation skills and have the ability to automate a full DevOps pipeline. They must understand infrastructure and configurations, CI/CD pipelines, app performance monitoring and more.

DevOps can bring new production environments with Terraform or Cloudformation. Also, because of their good knowledge in Infrastructure as Code , they can maintain and deploy infrastructure through IaC tools. DevOps engineers operate at the interface of development and operations within companies that develop software. Their involvement in each stage of a product’s existence promotes efficiency and, ultimately, increased revenue.

Devops Engineer Job Description

Linux’s open-source nature, small operational footprint, and support from the Likes of Redhat and Ubuntu make it the go-to not only for DevOps, but for tool building in general. One of the best things about Linux is that you can download it and start using it today. Let’s take devops team structure a deeper look now at how to become a DevOps engineer — the DevOps career path and how to build the skills. We’ll share the reasons each of these tools is important, and how long it’ll take to learn each one. We’ll also point you to some good online classes and certifications.

The higher the degree of automation the lower the difficulty of migration. DevOps benefits companies by establishing a collaborative culture that emphasizes high-quality development at fast speeds. The DevOps development cycle is much shorter than the traditional cycle, meaning speedier deployment and lower costs for the company. Development teams and IT operations teams can have different skills and different goals. Developers want to introduce new features to an application, while operations teams want to preserve the stability of an application once it is released.

Some companies choose CodeDeploy over Jenkins, making it another useful DevOps tool to learn. Docker essentially allows DevOps to run code in small isolated containers. That way, building services and replacing services becomes simpler than updating everything in one go (which is very non-DevOps). In the banking industry for example, the Google AI/ML tools are creating new ways of doing business, plus adding fraud detection and usage-pattern tracking. This saves huge amounts of time trying to develop similar tools in-house. You can learn most of these skills on the job — but a word of caution.

DevOps engineers must be familiar with container-related tools to do their job effectively. A few examples include Docker Engine, LXC, container registries, Docker Swarm, systemd-nspawn and Kubernetes. As the market continues to evolve, it is only natural for the role of the DevOps engineer to grow and absorb more responsibilities — especially from the non-functional bucket, such as security and monitoring analytics. Start by focusing on the skills and responsibilities laid out here and you will find yourself in high demand.

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Most of the companies have their environment setup in Linux based systems. “DevOps, everyone is doing it, few have mastered it ” – Mirco Hering, Author of “DevOps for the Modern Enterprise”. He explicitly quotes that nowadays all are adopting and working in DevOps way without understanding much about the key concepts and skills needed. What started as a great idea would end up in becoming a mere buzz word if we don’t understand the 12 Devops engineering skills. For those currently in a software engineering organization; look at the current state of software deployment. Once an engineer has some skills under their belt, they can start looking at opportunities to integrate cloud solutions into existing infrastructure.

For organizations that have a majority of their infrastructure running Windows, you might find Powershell Desired State Configuration as the tool of choice in this space. An AWS DevOps Engineer will ensure that the systems under her purview are built in a repeatable manner, using Infrastructure as Code tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, Pulumi, and AWS CDK . Using IaC ensures that cloud objects are documented as code, version controlled, and that they can be reliably replaced using an appropriate IaC provisioning tool. USA-based DevOps engineers charge US$120,000 – $150,000 per year on average, while the same roles have salaries of US$66,000 – $80,000 in Mexico. That being said, these engineers have a similar culture and similar knowledge. Mexican DevOps engineers are therefore more liable and cost-effective than offshore engineers.






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