Top 15 Websites and Apps Built Using Node js

It needs to rely on event-driven technology that can handle many open connections at a time. Trello is among companies that use Node.js for its server-side and as a prototyping tool to build a single-page web application. Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, and it is now making headway into the online retail market. The giant has jumped on the bandwagon of working with Node.js – a relatively new and very trendy technology despite the risk that was involved in such a move.

Is NASA using NodeJS?

js Foundation case study, NASA decided to migrate to Node. js and here's what it helped them to achieve: “The system he is creating uses a microservices architecture with separate APIs and applications built in Node. js to move data related to the EVA spacesuits from three separate legacy databases to a cloud database.

Hiring the right people to make the most of your Node.js framework is essential for a productive and efficient development process. You can use Nest to build multi-layered enterprise applications owing to its extensive collection of libraries. Nest is a fairly popular Node framework, though it is ranked second to Express in GitHub stars.

Where to host a Node.js application?

It helped developers come together as a unified entity and work to resolve issues at both ends and effectively react to customer needs. World’s largest retail chain, Walmart, is ambitiously plunging into the online commerce space. This endeavor of theirs to go online is being supported by Node.js which is their framework of choice. Walmart chose to go with the trend and take the risk of involving a fairly newer technology than going with the tried and tested frameworks.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, desired an e-commerce website that was tailored for productivity while remaining nimble enough to support scattered staff. For scattered teams, a monolithic JAVA web application proved inconvenient to operate with. Node showed the developers that it could offer huge performance gains compared to what they were using before. Also, the mobile app needed to talk to the Medium Platform API and database, this requirement was also taken into account by the use of Node.js. By migrating and implementing Node, several objectives can be achieved at once. According to Statista, the company has generated $11.1 billion in net revenue in 2020.

Most Popular Nodejs Frameworks for Developers

Capital One is an American bank holding company, specialized in credit cards and loans with the majority of operations across Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Recently, they decided to shift priority towards open-sourced technologies and included Node.js into their already impressive tech stack. EBay receives a billion service requests every day, becoming one of the largest marketplaces in the world and one of the top companies which use node.js. It had been using a JAVA-based architecture for a long time before shifting to Node.js. Node.js has a built-in module for streaming capable of transmitting large amounts of data chunks in a sequential fashion.

  • More and more companies are using Node.js as it brings with itself innumerable advantages.
  • Within the Node.js runtime, each connection is a small heap allocation.
  • When it comes to Node.js, they’ve decided to go with Hapi.js, one of Node’s frameworks.
  • QClay Design is a global creative agency that creates holistic, well-balanced design solutions for inspiring brands.

As a result, they combined their different engineering specialties into a cohesive, effective unit. “We use a ton of technologies at LinkedIn, but for the mobile server piece, it’s entirely Node-based. Tejas is a Senior Tech Consultant at Simform excelling in mobile and server-side technologies, with extensive experience in working closely with startups and enterprises. His expertise in understanding tech has helped businesses achieve excellence over the long run. Yandex is a Russian search engine popularly known as “the Google of Russia.” As of January 2021, Yandex has about 3.2 billion searches per month, of which 92% are originated from Russia. While initially the company was introduced as a search engine, with time, it started providing over 70+ internet-related services.

Popular Service Mesh Platforms: A Complete Comparision

Mobile Reality creates and designs profitable digital products like mobile and web solutions and monetizes data. We cooperate with Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award winners and global leaders to deliver them the best quality and profitable software solutions. At AWSMD, we specialize in creating exceptional user experiences through our expertise in UI/UX design. Our team of skilled designers is dedicated to crafting visually stunning and intuitive interfaces that engage users and drive business growth. SAP is a German multinational software corporation famous for its ERP and enterprise software to manage business processes and customers.

The application runs asynchronously and handles many tasks in one thread. If the app has to wait for data from another component, it puts the waiting line in a queue and handles a different How to Become a Python Developer? A Complete Guide 2023 Edition task in the meantime, thus increasing efficiency and minimizing delays. Now the company is using Node.JS for the back-end services, for client apps, and as an API integration layer.

Most Popular Companies that use NodeJS in App Development

GoDaddy is a leading domain name and hosting service provider that supports 40 million live websites as per BuiltWith. Node.js servers don’t delay their operations to achieve a non-blocking nature. After dealing with one API, it doesn’t pause to access data and proceed with the next API.

With over 690 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. It is also one of the biggest companies that use Node.js development. By using Node.js to create its application, LinkedIn has boosted its client-server interaction, decreased the complexity of its coding, and increased performance. Apps have become the go-to technology for many businesses, and a good user experience is an important part of making sure an app is successful. Node.js is used by many companies who want to be sure their applications will run smoothly and efficiently.






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